Thane USA H2O Steam Cleaning Mop Review

“Momma” had used her Thane USA H2O Steam Cleaning Mop, to quickly and efficiently clean her home and came to visit. George, always a bucket of cheer, saw his mother-in-law entering his home, and asked his wife, “What broom did SHE come in on?”

The Thane USA H2O Steam Cleaning Mop

This lightweight - 9 pound - steam mop cleanses and decontaminates hard floors and carpets. A super absorbent microfiber cloth lifts the dirt, taking it into the cloth, and then leaves the floor dry. The H2O steam mop has a head that is shaped like an arrow which pivots 360 degrees to fit flush into corners and other hard-to-reach sites. It is 7" tall, 9 ½ " deep, and 28" high, making it very easy to use and non-tiring. That part is very important to me, as I am handicapped and cannot push and pull large, heavy, and clumsy rental steam cleaners. The concept of having my own steam cleaner that I can use at my convenience, night or day, is especially appealing to me. I feel so privileged! Also, I do not have to get down on my knees to clean. It won’t happen!

I LOVE my Thane USA H2O Steam Cleaning Mop

Thane USA H2O steam mop

I live on a stringent budget and appreciate the fact that the Thane USA H2O Steam Cleaning Mop does not require detergents or chemicals, just microfiber cloths! The H2O steam mop cleans by changing water into dynamic steam that lifts dirt and grime and absorbs them, leaving the floor dry. The steam instantly kills many active bacteria, viruses, and allergens, leaving a high degree of hygienic cleanliness.

The first time I used the Thane USA H2O Steam Cleaning Mop, like many satisfied customers, I was blown away with its many uses and potentials! That it works well on hardwood floors, vinyl floors, and ceramic tile is a given. My bathroom grout has never looked so good, and the floor, is super-clean, especially around the “Lizzie.”

My children, grandchildren, friends, neighbors, four cats, a potbelly pig, a shade-tree mechanic, and a medium sized dog all make this place look like Grand Central Station. The coffee pot is always on, the door is always open and there are usually cookies or a cake ready to be served. Needless to say, dirt, grime, grease, oil along with food and drink spills all made for a long, wretched day. Eventually, I greeted people at the door and said, “Oh, #@*#! It’s YOU again.” Now, I invite them in and enjoy the time together, because my handy, dandy, Thane USA H2O Steam Cleaning Mop is sitting in the hall closet waiting to also “entertain.”

The H2O steam mop picked up cat and dog fur, lint, dirt and dried on sugary coffee spots like a dream. Spilled food, which often becomes tracked throughout the house is lifted up and disappears. Entertaining is so much easier on my nerves. My milk of human kindness is no longer soured!

RAVES from other Thane USA H2O Steam Cleaning Mop owners

Most owners of the H2O steam mop would recommend the mop to anyone with lots of travel within their home. Singles and duos likewise enjoy the versatility of this mop. The majority of them, like myself, will highly recommend this H2O steam mop to anyone!

An individual wrote that she was always mopping her floors and never felt they were clean. They bought a Thane USA H2O Steam Cleaning Mop and were pleased with the way it cleans floors.

Another suggested using the H2O steam mop on marble floors.

Exerts from other Thane USA H2O Steam Cleaning Mop reviewers

“The water heats up fast and it was easy to put together and much smoother to use...”

“I enjoy it though it took a bit to grow on me...”

“No chemicals for my crawling baby to go through...” And many more!

Some Comments of Dissatisfaction

“My beef is that the cord should be longer.”

“... stopped steaming. We used condensed water until we had an RO unit installed . . . now we use only RO water in it. We don’t know what to do with it.”

“Our 16 year old even takes his turn with the H2O Mop. He dropped and cracked the water tank so it may be a bit fragile.” “ leaves marks on the floor . . .”

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Personally, I love my Thane mop and I agree with the person who said, “ I don't know how I survived this long without it!”

You can buy it at Amazon through this link for $119.99

by Jane Lawson
June 26th, 2011

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